Our Story - PacificOtion®

PacificOtion® Body Care believes that everybody has a story to tell. We all have strengths, and everyone has something to give. My name is Val Hart and I am the founder and creator of PacificOtion® Body Care. I'm a Santa Cruz California native, and this takes me home. I have suffered with sensitive skin and have been prone to eczema breakouts. Just about every skin care product that I could purchase caused some kind of major rash or painful irritation. In 2011, I decided to create an all-natural product that would be safe for sensitive skin, smell amazing, and make my skin smooth without the need for lotion. PacificOtion® sea salt body scrub products are CLEANSING + EXFOLIATING + MOISTURIZING. PacificOtion® Body Care is natural skin care made for sensitive skin. Everything we make has a short list of real ingredients that help us create clean, sustainable products. Pacific sea salt body scrubs and our jumbo size lip balms are freshly made with organic and natural ingredients. Each product is made in small batches using high quality ingredients and inspired by the people around us. Products are completely natural with organic ingredients and made entirely by hand at our facility in Southern Utah. Our objective is to produce high quality goods at a fair price made especially for you. What began as a small line has expanded to become a full line of Pacific sea salt body scrubs and jumbo lip balms. We love dogs and enjoy boarding and kayaking with them. So, live your life and make the most of every moment. A seashell scoop is inside every sea salt body scrub jar! The ocean is in a jar. Our commitment to you is quality. Discover and meet the people that make our brands unique and fun. Val 💗