Bella Blue-Ghost Eyed Aussie Dog

Bella Blue is the PacificOtion®Body Care Australian Shepherd shop dog who has two different colored eyes which are known as "ghost eyes”.  She is capable of seeing simultaneously; heaven with the blue eye and earth with the brown eye, according to an ancient Native American legend.  When people think of Aussies, they normally think of their crystal blue eyes. Some Native American tribes called the breed the ghost eye dog, because of their haunting peepers. They were said to be considered sacred.  

The only livestock working breed developed in America, the Australian Shepherd is also a breed that mesmerizes those who gaze upon it with its incredible eyes according to dog ideas  Bella Blue inspired the Boarder's Balm™ doublemint lip balm at PacificOtion®Body Care.  We love that she likes to watch us while we are hard at work creating new innovations. 



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